What to Expect at our Drug Treatment Facility

One of the most frequently asked question that Essence Recovery gets at our drug detox clinic is if detox actually works. The answer is yes! Both men and women who are struggling to get sober have come through our substance abuse treatment facility in McAllen, Texas with the goal of staying sober. Recovery from addiction is not an easy task to undertake, but we are committed to making sure every client gets the help that he or she needs. Our facility is a safe, clean place staffed by professional therapists and licensed professionals who will help you through your addiction recovery.



Relapse is a Possibility but not a Deterrent

People make mistakes when it comes to drugs and/or alcohol. Even after completing an addiction recovery program many clients find themselves relapsing when they are back out on their own and faced with the same challenges as before. If this happens, the person should get themselves back into our McAllen addiction treatment facility as fast as possible to get the help that they need. It doesn’t matter if this is the first relapse you have had or the sixth, our drug rehab centers will help steer you back on track every time you need help. We are a caring, judgement-free addiction recovery facility that will take every step to ensure your sobriety.


You’ll Never be Alone During Detox

Clients who are enrolled at our McAllen addiction treatment center will receive personalized, one-on-one care during the detoxification process. No one will ever go through detox alone here. We provide on-call therapists, nurses and other support staff who will be by your side while you go through your withdrawals. We understand that our clients sometimes go through very severe withdrawals so we will provide you a safe place to make it through everything that ails you.


Getting Started at our Drug Rehab Facility

We begin your stay at our addiction recovery center in McAllen by taking you through the intake process. This is when we will discuss what your specific needs are and your expectations for therapy. We will ask that you are open and honest with us about your past and present drug use no matter how bad you believe it to be. We will discuss any previous rehab you have experienced and what you got out of it. Our staff will also want to know if there is a family history of drug use and if you have any underlying mental or mood disorders.


Therapy Sessions and What to Expect

Therapy is a large part of drug rehab centers. We believe that group therapy allows clients to develop close feelings and trust between one another. Group therapy allows our clients to cheer each other on towards their individual drug and alcohol addiction recovery goals in a safe, comfortable setting. Group therapy allows guests to bring up challenges that they are facing to get feedback from others who may be dealing with the same issues. When you are having the same problem as someone else it can be helpful to see the issue in a new and different light. We all work together as a family to grow and learn in a safe setting.


Our addiction recovery center in McAllen, Texas also uses dual diagnosis for those who have other mental problems they are dealing with. These will come up during private, one-on-one sessions with a counselor. Dual diagnosis allows us to address the underlying mental issue on a separate basis in order to develop a successful plan of action to remedy the problem. For many clients the drug addiction is a manifestation of the mental problem and one that require professional assistance and treatment. You don’t have to do this alone, call Essence Recovery today.



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