You’ve finally admitted you need help and that your chemical dependency has taken over your life. This admission remains the first and most crucial step in beginning to get clean and sober. Your next step is to look at the drug rehab centers available to you and decide where to get the help you need. We hope you’ll consider Essence Recovery and our rehab in Huntington, New York.


Individualized Treatment Plans to Suit Your Needs

Our substance abuse treatment facility is an excellent choice for those who need help getting off drugs or alcohol. Our comprehensive treatment programs have helped many struggling with addiction to get off and stay off substances. We specialize in getting to know you, and we will delve into your unique needs. Every client of our addiction recovery program comes to us with their own individualized needs.


We take the time necessary to help you discover why you got into substance abuse in the first place. Dual diagnosis mental health treatment is particularly useful for those clients who are trying to self-medicate a co-occurring mental health issue, such as depression. Once the true reasons for your substance abuse are uncovered, your mind and body can begin the healing process. People who receive treatment at a highly qualified drug rehab facility can achieve a higher success level in achieving sobriety over a long period. We want your healing from drugs and substances to be lasting.


Safe and Secure Addiction Recovery Facility

Our rehab is a safe addiction recovery center. We monitor individuals coming and going from the center to keep those using our services protected. Detox can be a dangerous, uncomfortable time for our clients. We ensure that our clients safely go through detox in a monitored drug detox clinic program that helps them get clean from drugs or alcohol abuse. While the initial detox period is not pleasant, the effects are only temporary. Once detox is complete, we work together with you to keep you off the drugs that plague you.


Caring Community of Recovery

Our caring addiction recovery center puts you in touch with the therapists and support you need to work your program. We offer unique, individual counseling to work on your specific needs. We also use group therapy sessions to allow our clients to help each other. You will be able to learn from others in various stages of recovery. You will be able to work through your issues and learn new habits because you feel you can speak honestly in a comfortable setting


Addiction recovery facilities like ours offer the blessing of a caring community of support from both therapists and fellow people in recovery that can be a support system for you to help you for the rest of your life.


Addiction Treatment Facility Aftercare

Our addiction treatment facility at our rehab doesn’t abandon you when you discharge. Our care and concern remain a part of your recovery program after you leave. We offer information and support to help you get back on your feet after treatment.


Counseling continues even after treatment. Just because a person completes our addiction recovery program doesn’t mean they are free from their drug addiction or other problems. Treatment does give an individual the right tools and an opportunity for a clean, drug-free body and mind.


Some of the features of our addiction treatment center aftercare program that may be included in a unique aftercare program just for you may include continued individual counseling, continued group support, and appropriate recreational activities.


You will have worked hard to achieve your sobriety. Call Essence Recovery at our rehab located in Huntington, New York to give you help in detoxing, receiving therapy, and in staying off substances. Our primary concern is for your welfare and well-being. Please contact us now to get started on your way to a new life.


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