Get your life back on the right path by getting the help you need from a drug rehab center. There is no mistaking the fact that you have a much better chance of reaching recovery when you come to our Santa Ana, California addiction treatment center. It is much preferable to get the help you need from our professional rehab experts here at our rehab instead of trying to get clean on your own. With the help of Essence Recovery, you will find that life lived without drugs is the right choice.


Detox the Smart Way

One of the reasons you should come to our substance abuse treatment facility in Santa Ana, California is to make detoxing safer. There is no sense trying to go through withdrawal by yourself. When you start to hurt badly enough, you will go for a fix if you don’t have help. When you come to our drug detox clinic, you will have our caring staff surrounding you with kindness. They will make the detox process much more comfortable than it is doing it on your own.


Dual Diagnosis

There is some overlap between people who deal with mental illness and people who are addicted to drugs. Because of this overlap, it is critical that drug rehab centers provide quality mental health care. In our Santa Ana, California addiction recovery facility, mental health treatment is provided along with our rehab services for our clients who need it.


Caring Staff

We are incredibly proud of the staff we have at our Santa Ana, California substance abuse treatment facility. They are all extremely dedicated to offering the highest quality addiction recovery care possible. With their help, you will find your road to recovery much easier to face. They will always be there for you every step of the way as you discover how to live a sober lifestyle.


Safety First

It is extremely important that our clients feel safe when they are inside our addiction recovery center in Santa Ana, California. We strive to provide our clients with the safest rehab environment we possibly can. If our clients are going to find the courage they need to share their deepest secrets during rehab, they have to feel entirely secure. We make every possible modification to ensure our clients can enjoy this sense of security.


Dynamic Groups

If you are new to the recovery world, you will soon learn how vitally important group therapy to the rehab experience. The biggest part of your addiction recovery program will be your group sessions. Inside your group therapy meetings, you will share your story of drug addiction. You will also listen to other clients’ tales about their addiction battles. Simply by listening and sharing inside group, you will be healed and learn to live a life of sobriety.


Individualized Treatment

One of the best features at our drug rehab facility in Santa Ana, California is our customized rehab treatment. Each one of our clients is provided with a customized addiction recovery program. With tailor-made treatment, you will be able to make your way to a successful and lasting recovery from drug addiction in the most effective manner possible.


Aftercare Help

After you put in all the hard work to get clean, the last thing you want is to relapse after you leave our Santa Ana, California addiction treatment facility. We help you avoid a relapse by giving you aftercare when you leave the drug rehab facility. With the structure of an aftercare program to support you, it will be much easier for you to avoid using as you transition from rehab to your daily life on the outside.


The time is now for you to achieve sobriety. With the help of our fabulous staff at Essence Recovery and our addiction recovery facility in Santa Ana, California, you will find that getting clean is something you can do. Come see us today to find the sober life you were meant to enjoy.



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