The Importance of a Drug Rehab Facility

Drug rehab centers have two primary goals. One is for the individual they are treating to get clean and sober under their care. The second is for that individual to learn the tools they need to become a functioning member of society. Drug addiction is not something that can be cured quickly, and Essence Recovery can help with our substance abuse treatment facility in Mobile, Alabama.


Our drug detox clinic offers a comprehensive program that will meet the needs of everyone who attends. Addiction has many different dimensions and disrupts numerous aspects of a person’s life, so we have developed a program that will ensure that the needs of every individual are met while they are a guest with us. Addiction recovery is never a simple process and will never be treated as such at our addiction treatment facility.


Our Goal is to Help

The goal within our drug rehab facility is a simple one. We wish for our clients to face their addiction head on while they are with us so that they can learn the tools they need to face life when they are back on their own. We will sit with you upon arrival and discuss your individual needs so that we can develop the best addiction recovery program for you. We focus on a dual diagnosis approach within our walls so that you have a chance to address all of your emotional needs, not just your drug use. Our therapists and doctors have a long-standing reputation for helping our clients through their mental disorders in order to address the drug use that may now be a result of the disorder.


Our Intake Process

Our treatment works the best when it is personalized for each client. The requirements you need for your treatment are completely unique, so the staff will need to ask you a series of questions before they can formulate a plan. After checking into our Mobile, Alabama addiction treatment center you can expect to undergo an interview period, physical assessment, and a psychiatric assessment. We ask that you answer all questions honestly and to the best of your ability. The more that we understand about you and your addiction, the more we can help. In certain cases, our staff will wish to talk to your family members to get a clearer picture of your addiction and what you have been through. We will also have you sign consent forms.


Therapy and Addiction Recovery

Therapy sessions within our addiction recovery center will be divided into two parts: individual and group. As stated before, our addiction treatment facility relies heavily on a dual diagnosis approach when it comes to treating drug addiction. We see clients with mental disorders that are part of their drug addiction problem quite frequently. For example, some clients are suffering from severe depression or anxiety and have turned to drugs and alcohol to self-medicate. Our therapists will work on these co-occurring issues concurrently. This allows them to give each client the tools and information necessary to stop them from using as a form of relief and start finding positive solutions for their mental disorders.


Aftercare Services-We Don’t Stop Caring

Addiction is a disease of relapse. Unfortunately, we often see clients back after a stay with us because they have not been able to successfully fight their urges once they are back out on their own. We are still here to help as much as we can. Our addiction recovery facility offers aftercare services for clients who still need to be seen after the program ends. This may include private therapy sessions, group counseling and family therapy. We will also help you find additional programs near you that will assist you in keeping up with your sobriety while remaining a productive member of society. Call Essence Recovery today for more information or visit one of our centers as soon as possible.



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